East Georgia State College offers a broad range of associate degree pathways that will help you roar your way into your future. With our degree programs and transfer agreements that can lead to four-year degrees, East Georgia provides you with a smart starting point no matter the path you plan.

It’s our hope that, by studying with us, you’ll be able to think clearly and critically, attain understanding, respect the differences of others, and be able to express yourself persuasively.

Our Associate Degree Programs

If you’re looking to smoothly transfer from one USG institution to another without credit penalties, consider the A.A. in Liberal Arts. Totaling 64 credit hours, the curriculum is composed of general education courses, which will give you more options when considering four-year degrees. So, whether you are interested in English, History, Political Science, Art or Communication Arts, this is the degree for you.

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An A.A. that provides you wide-ranging courses that includes introductions and advanced content into the academia of Criminal Justice, Psychology or Sociology. This degree prepares you for many options when it comes to bachelor’s degrees in social sciences.

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An A.A. degree that prepares you to teach the next generation of students, and giving you the foundation to pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Education.

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Help your career in business take flight with this degree in Business Administration. Furthermore, this A.S. is designed to provide you with an easy transfer process should you choose to study for a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration.

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An A.S. that provides you wide-ranging courses in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. If these are your strengths, this degree will help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, this degree prepares you for many options when it comes to pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and other related fields.

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Transfer pathways provide you wide-ranging courses that set you up to earn a degree at a transferring institution of your choice. Transfer pathways are here to help you achieve your goals by getting foundation curriculum courses under your belt to set you up for a successful transfer into a related academic program at another institution. So if you want to be prepared for many options when it comes to pursuing bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Exercise Science, Nursing, and more, then a Transfer Pathway is right for you. 

EGSC offers the same freshman and sophomore classes as four-year universities at about one-half the cost. Our classes are designed to transfer seamlessly to four-year colleges and universities. 

Not sure which of our programs fits your goals? Check out our Programs Page and select your Areas of Interest to narrow your search!

Academic Support

To make sure that you’re set up for success, we recommend getting connected to the team of people in your life who are here to support you during your academic career. The College provides a variety of academic support services for students provided by the Academic Center of Excellence (A.C.E.), Library, Counseling Office, and more.

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is a collaborative process here at East Georgia. Advising is designed to help you succeed academically. Faculty and professional academic advisors seek to assist you in developing an appropriate educational plan leading to graduation and beyond. We emphasize focusing on your life beyond the college experience and encourage you to take on a responsible and proactive role in your own education.

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Academic Counseling

Academic counseling exists to assist you through issues that affect your ability to learn. Test preparation and test anxiety are two of the most common problems that students encounter in this area. You can be assisted with learning strategies to overcome test anxiety as well as develop better study habits/test preparation skills.

Additionally, many students have a difficult time adjusting to college-level coursework, so you can find help with your time management, organization, and study skills. While academic counselors may not provide academic advisement, they can assist you in developing a general academic plan. 

Hours of Operation (by Appointment) 
Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
To make an appointment, contact your advisor!

Services are provided on the Augusta Campus at least one day per week. They’re closed on all official college holidays.